After studying the basics in the studio, the students advance to work on more complex still life, portraiture and landscape compositions using graphite/charcoal, watercolor, pen and ink, and acrylic painting. The Renaissance approach of art- Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Rafael -will be discussed and examples of their work will be shown to better understand design, color, and spacial awareness.

Ria Parekh Painting
Geoffrey Doehrmann with his pastel
Ria's Eagle
Lily's Lion Fish
Maddie Williamson painting
Lily Johnston Painting
Lily's Lime
Lily's Angel
Jack Painting
Lily's Mango
Lily's Pear
Summer Camp - Lily's Road Not Taken
Lily Johnston
Helena Klevorn
Emma Isaac painting
Maddie's Still Life
Audrey Quist painting
Audrey's portrait
Audrey's  Study of Vegetables
Gavin Drawing
Gavin McAllister award winning steampunk
Chicago Top Artist - 1st Place, Gavin Mcallister
Gavin McAllister receiving his award
Audrey Quist working
Lily and her peppers
Audrey's ducks
Audrey Quist working on her vegetable study