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The studio approach to the visual arts-painting and drawing- is from a classical perspective teaching the students how to plot a point in space and create a three-dimensional object on a two-dimensional piece of paper or canvas. It is the fundamentals of drawing and the use of color; breaking down the physics of color so that they learn how to mix color and understand the source of light on objects. In Spring, we celebrate the students' work by holding an annual student art exhibition.


Student Art Exhibition 2018: Anika Mansharamani
Three Shells
Gold Finch
Katie Kaikaulo
Student Art Exhibition 2018: The Rebers
Kai's Sailboats
Autumn Scene
The Rebers at Opening Night 2018
Raghav Mansharamani and Pierson Haislett
Lola Carpenter and her work
Pierson Haislet
Tara Sajdeh
Still Life Lemons and Strawberries
Simone Beber
"Sailboat" by Scarlett Hughes
Julia Bober working on her watercolor
Sadie and Scarlett Hughes
Vincent's Flowers
Still Lifes
Kai and Doug Fogelson
Opening Night 2018
Student Art Exhibition 2018
Cynthia Summy
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